Our History

Internatio-Müller combines its speciality chemicals distribution activities in Benelux, France, Australia and New Zealand as a separate division under the name Internatio-Müller Chemical Distribution (1995).

Add-on acquisitions take place to further strengthen the division's position in Australia and New Zealand.

With the acquisition of businesses in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and other Western European countries, IMCD builds a pan-European network.

Management and a private equity partner acquire the Company, which adopts the name 'IMCD' (2001).

Greenfield operations are initiated in Austria, Turkey, India and Russia.

IMCD establishes a matrix organisation along geographic lines and end markets, enabling distribution on a broad geographical basis, supported by integrated IT systems.
IMCD expands to the Asia-Pacific region through acquisitions (e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India) and greenfield operations (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Japan), supported by a regional head office in Singapore (2011).

IMCD completes various acquisitions strengthening its market presence in EMEA.

IMCD enhances and expands its centres of excellence by opening various labs, including a Food & Nutrition lab in India, a Personal Care lab in Brasil and a Home Care and I&I lab in Germany.

IMCD is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam (2014).

Diversification by suppliers, customers, end markets, products and geographies proves to add to IMCD’s resilience through challenging economic cycles.

与acquisiti IMCD进入美洲地区on of Makeni Chemicals in Brazil (2013) and M.F. Cachat in the US (2015), which was later renamed IMCD US.

IMCD opens its regional head office for the Americas in New Jersey, US (2015).

Acquisition of Mutchler Inc. and Mutchler of Puerto Rico Inc. to expand US operations into the pharmaceuticals market (2016).
The acquisition of E.T. Horn provides IMCD with US national coverage and an excellent positioning to pursue further accelerated growth across the region.

IMCD acquires Neuvendis in Italy, further strengthening its European network.

With the acquisition of Bossco Industries Inc. in the US, IMCD expands IMCD US's operations.

IMCD further builds its centres of excellence by opening a Coatings lab and a Personal Care lab in the US, a Food & Nutrition lab in Australia and China and a Pharma a Food & Nutrition lab in Australia and China and a Pharma lab in Germany.

Acquisition of L.V. Lomas in Canada and the US, further strengthening IMCD’s market presence in the North-American region.

IMCD strengthens its technical offering with the opening of three Coatings & Construction application laboratories in Asia, Italy and a Food and Nutrition application laboratory in Germany. Clients can be better served by this extension of IMCD’s laboratory landscape.

通过收购当时,IMCD加强了它的存在in the advanced materials market and further built its European network.

Acquisition of Aroma Chemicals in India to expand IMCD’s operations and create a pan-India organisation covering all key market segments.
To support further growth in the APAC region, IMCD expanded its global network of Pharmaceutical Technical Centres with three new locations in India, Southeast Asia and China. Each centre offers regional support and a training function in their respective markets, and will focus on specific areas of formulation technology as part of IMCD’s efforts to cross-fertilise expertise in its growing global network.

In the Americas, IMCD expanded its presence in the Latin-American market with the acquisition of Unired Químicas SAS in Colombia.

With the acquisition of Whawon Pharm Co. Ltd, IMCD establishes its geographical footprint in South-Korea and enhances its leading global pharmaceutical position. IMCD’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region was further strengthened with the acquisition of Monachem Additives in India and Matrix Ingredients in Singapore and Malaysia.

IMCD continued to expand its technical capabilities with the addition of a new application laboratory in Istanbul, Turkey with a focus on paints, coatings and inks. IMCD added a Pharma Technical Centre in New Jersey, United States and a Lubricants & Fuels laboratory in Australia.

With the acquisition of Swiss-based DCS Pharma AG, IMCD further improved its position in the pharmaceutical market and extended its focus to the distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients.

In March 2019, IMCD was included into the Dutch blue chip AEX index.