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The biggest influence on our individual perception of what tastes good is exposure to different culinary traditions.
If a customer needs support with a taste challenge, we conduct an analysis to better understand the taste profile that will have the most appeal in the target market. Our deep insights into local cultural nuances mean IMCD Food & Nutrition is ideally placed to get taste buds tingling, wherever you are in the world.
We also have the technical expertise to support you in reformulating food and beverage products in line with the latest consumer trends. For example, growing interest in health and wellness is driving demand for natural flavors and sugar-free alternatives.

Get in touch to learn about our wide range of ingredients and formulation expertise to solve your taste challenges.

乳制品集中和口味 Food Bases Savory Flavor Systems
大海风情rs High Intensity Sweeteners - stevia, monk fruit and sucralose
Soup & Sauce Concentrates
大海风情r Enhancers
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Sweeteners & Polyols
大海风情red Lipid Inclusions Natural Colors Yeast Extracts

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